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Lost & Found!

It hurts you know,

to see what could've been,

to see that future slipping,

Delusion so surreal

Makes my heart fog in the world of real Thunder

cause I can feel you know,

feel the pain awaiting near,

Idk how but here I am losing my gear...

What's happening was never I wished

Being a spectator of my own life's twists

Job so mundane killing my soul,

No love, just butterflies

making me dizzy &

left all alone,

for the festivals now not celebrated

while it is me always wondering

exactly, where the hell does time fly?

Two steps forward,

One step backwards,

that step is so crucial,

Broke the limb named best friend,

Lately, I have been that selfish

self-centred friend

So no, I am not used to being like this,

Social bee with no nectarine

All fucked up in my head &

average health difficulty,

Am I making sense, or just blabbering?

If not, that's also fine,

Feeling lost in my own house,

Maybe I was never meant to be found!

- thatunleashedmind👠

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084 Krisha Panchal
084 Krisha Panchal

Beautiful 😍😍😍


Apoorva Menon
Apoorva Menon

Very real and intense.

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