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Misery & Mystery

For all I know

Life is not fair

It never is,

It was never supposed to be

All fake hopes & dreams,

Makes the child in us

Only Weep!

Cruel, brutal, selfish

Imperfect at it's Best,

All experiences hand-me-downs,

All eyes on you,

judgemental creep,

"Hey, life's not that Deep!"

But then why would We fight?

that rage within,

Makes you grind

Stale bread & missed flight -

For crying out loud,


One step further, two steps back,

Ghosts are not real, &

Just a simple template -

Join the rat race, pay your taxes!

Quality time? ya, wouldn't that be divine

Honey, just cold water tonight,

Would you please at least Hug me tight?

Rich & luxurious,

Yeah, that's a sweet dream

Maybe for some, who are the Favourite twin

Born with a silver spoon,

destiny sparkling theirs with Gold Chimes,

Wouldn't it be nice,

Just Once to live a life, of free mind?

For all I know,

World's crumbling,

& so is humankind

I'm no Saint, nor you Shine pearly whites

But what makes us Special

is calling out our thoughts,

tears rolling down the cheeks,

In the end,

It's always just to sigh,

"Damn, I've lived a whole Life!"

~ thatunleashedmind👠

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