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Relationships and mobile apps

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I started thinking again. I had stopped thinking for too long and it feels good to be back. I noticed that there is a weird connection between mobile apps and relationships. The metaphors below might be relatable. Some apps guide you, some just waste your time but you're addicted to them and some show up once in a blue moon. You use some apps for taking pictures, some for sharing your secrets and some just for travelling. You are surrounded by them all the time. There are also various types of apps related to different types of people. To start with, there are some which are built-in and you don't know what to do with them. Usually, you uninstall them. Then, there are some built-in apps that cannot be uninstalled. In such cases, you have to try to 'force stop' them, disable them. Then, there are some which you like a lot, but they aren't compatible. You either have to change your hardware or software to get those apps. They are the premium ones and require high-end features. Then, there are apps that you like and they are compatible too. In such cases, you keep​ them and use them regularly. Then, you want to update some of those apps so that those get better. You keep updating it till your hardware isn't compatible with the app anymore. That is the final version of the app that you can get based on your specs. Then, there are some apps that are totally compatible, like way more compatible than other apps. You update the app and keep updating it till one day you feel that this update was not required. That's when you realize that the previous version was better and you rushed to update it. You do search for the undo button but it isn't there. You're trapped with it. That's when you have to uninstall the app that you once loved or live with it. Hence, it is advisable to check what's new in the update before upgrading the app to a higher version. But then, there are very few apps which offer you an option to go back to the factory version and start all over again. It is not as good as the previous update that you liked but it is definitely better than uninstalling the app. Can you also relate this with the people around you or is it just me?

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