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A Hue of You

The sky today is a different shade of blue

A hue of your favourite colour,

Similar to a shirt you once wore.

I smile it's all about you.

Another moment that makes me think of you

Another moment that makes me miss you

Another moment that makes me want to wrap myself in your arms

Another moment of realizing that I can't.

I think of the last time I was with you

When you held me tight in your arms

And kissed me on my forehead

A memory etched on my mind

I find my peace in that memory

I find my solace in that memory

I find you in that memory

I find us, again, in that memory.

It hurts, for it will only be a memory from now on

That I never get to feel the same way again

Feel the warmth of your affection

To look in your eyes to find me there

For all those moments are lost now

For all that was real is just a memory

For all that could have been, is no more there

For everything we had has now come to an end.

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