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Biological Truth 

And there is nothing like love in this world it's just nature's way to ensure that you and your offspring can survive in the world. You are attracted to well-to-do and powerful elites because they can ensure your survival and your offspring's as power and money are the new essentials to survive in the urban. During the Paleolithic era, being the fittest was the first rule of survival, as you had to defend your tribe from vicious predators and other unknown threats that you had to encounter on a daily basis. Of course, one didn't require intellect to earn wealth as it held zero value and the only true greed that man ever had was for food. At present the coin has flipped, money ensures your existence and your legacy. Gold diggers are natural and there is nothing like Affection. Your one and only natural aim in life are to find a mate and produce a healthy offspring to ensure the survival of your genome, rest all are materialistic goals. Envying the posh, flamboyant lifestyle and a suitable mating partner is natural because you are programmed that way. You love your offspring and your better half just for the sake of the prolongation of our species.

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