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Bring out the child in you

When was the last time you wanted something so badly that you could not sleep? Every person has at least once had this feeling. Let's take a stroll back to our childhood. There was not a single night before a school trip where you could sleep peacefully. That is because you had the burning desire for something. The wonderful anticipation of what might come tomorrow. The excitement of what is coming the next day is always a reason to give up sleep for. As you grow older, that reduces drastically. Growing up, people are still not able to sleep, but because of stress and anxiety about what is coming tomorrow. Why does it happen so, that you have hopes, anticipation, excitement, and fearlessness in your childhood but it all dampens as time passes?

When you are very young, you don't care about anything that would happen to you. A child, when learning to walk, falls so many times but is always laughing. All of you have been that child and that trait still lives within each one of you. Going ahead, on one hand, your books say 'Failures are the stepping stones to success' and on the other, in real life, failure of any kind is widely criticized and laughed upon in the society. This induces a fear of failure in you and then you start thinking about the things that you should do to avoid failure. This leads to two things:

1. You will never try anything new because that creates a direct possibility of failure.

2. You will start doubting the things that you are already doing because you do not want anything to go wrong.

Imagine if the society never laughed at failures but encouraged everyone to try new things no matter the outcome. You would still be that child with hopes, anticipation, and excitement about tomorrow. You would always be wanting to try something different and take risks. Everyone in this world loses sleep at some point. The only difference is that some don't sleep because they fear failure and some don't sleep because they are just excited about the next morning.

Some people managed to remain that same child and not be affected by the stigma of society. They typically face more failures in a decade than an average person faces throughout the entire lifespan. Society laughs at them for being different and being a failure. At this point, some of those people breakdown. They start getting in line with society. There are very few who can walk through this hell with a smile. These people take every day as a new challenge and every challenge as a new opportunity. Late nights and early mornings are pre-requisites for this class of people. Sometimes, there is no sleep at all and at other times, they sleep like a baby. These are the ones who can make it big in life.

Taking lessons from such people, all you need to learn is to reinvent yourself to the child that you once were. Bring out the child in you who does not understand the consequences of failure. Bring out the child in you who does not understand what society expects of them. Bring out the child in you who stumbles and falls but still manages to laugh about it along with those who love you. Bring out the child in you who believes that tomorrow will be better.

"You do not have to grow up in order to succeed. Instead, you have to bring out the child in you." - Himesh Kotak

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