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But He Rose Again

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

He was teased, bullied and troubled. He still stood strong. He cried from within but had a smile on his face. Nobody saw the pain within his heart. I did. He never said anything to anyone but I felt it. It was so clearly visible in his eyes that it was really foolish for everyone else to not see it in them. His dreams were big but his sources were less. He still fought through them. Numerous hurdles in life and too many failures. He has faced them all. I was with him at every single moment and I lived all of them with him. He had a habit which was admired a lot by me. He never gave up on life. There was a time when I thought he will be losing it. He was so broken that he couldn't take it anymore. then, something happened and he rose. He rose high, stood back and started walking again. I never expected him to stand up again but instead, he walked. His life is still a struggle. He still falls more than he can walk. He thinks of being dead in one moment but thanks God for giving him life in the other. For me, his life isn't anything other than a sheer inspiration. He fell, but he rose again.

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