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Existence of God

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

About this topic, I have had really weird opinions. All the Gods which are in the world right now could be aliens as suggested by a bizarre report by The History Channel. Those super-powered LIVING creatures created us on a planet where we could survive and evolve. The revelations that came to all the religious books' authors could be in fact told to them by some alien.

The other thing that I have in my mind is that 'How does Karma exist if the world was created by some living being? Can a living creature be so powerful that it can give back what everyone deserves​ for their actions?' This makes me think that there is definitely a force running around the world. It can be called God, Luck, Karma or just some supernatural power. Different people found different names for it. Some people say they find God in their parents, I do too. This can be because they feel that their parents have that force in them, to guide them on the right path and they also personify Karma as a parent rewards the child for a good job and scolds at a mistake. People see God in their teachers too. They play a similar role to the parents. Then, there are some people who think God is within themselves. That can be justified too. These people work for the people around them in order to please their God which lies within them. They definitely get the good Karma coming back to them. Also, people believe that their God is their work. That can be justified too. When you dedicate your time to your work, Karma reciprocates again. Hence you will succeed in whatever venture you're into.

All this said, what cannot be justified, according to me, is people worshiping stone statues and glass frames with a picture. Saying all those words without a clue of what they are doing or saying. Giving importance to prayers above their work, parents, teachers, or the other actual gods. They try to find and please God from the other world, and in the process, they lose contact with the real Gods that exist in this one. That is what religion is doing to us. The religious preachers don't have the authenticity to explain the science behind the holy scriptures. Hence, people have many misconceptions about God. They try to please God with many weird ways thinking that this will change or overturn their Karma. They don't know that God is Karma. The reason people fear God is karma itself. Everyone was told in their childhood that God will punish them if they behaved in a bad manner. Similarly, we were taught that if we did good for someone, God would BLESS us. This is nothing but the basic Karma given the name of some entity.

Some people believe in good luck and bad luck. That is God. Something good happens to you when you don't expect it is good luck. That is just your good Karma having your back. And an unexpected disaster occurs and they say it is bad luck. It is nothing but the bad Karma created by you that's haunting you. God is supposed to be the mirror that shows you your sins and your good deeds. But people think that God will forgive you for your sins and absorb them if you sit in a temple, church or a mosque for hours. I believe ​that instead of wasting time there, they should try and do more good so that their​ sins are neutralized to some extent.

Does God exist?

It doesn't matter.

Do I believe in God?

It doesn't matter. 

People can believe in anything and have faith in anything. It can be anything from a lucky locket to a thread to a photograph. What is important is what their belief makes them do. If the person who believes in god's existence spreads hatred and if the person who doesn't believe in God spreads love, do you think any of it matters? I don't think so. Eventually, what matters is your deeds, your Karma. In the end, I would say:

"Define yourself by the person you are and what you can do rather than who your Gods are and what they can do."

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