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I Am Proud Of You

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Once, in my school, it was a normal day of fifth grade. The school had just begun and all the students were enthusiastic about a new year in school. We all were in our own world.

It was the second lecture after our recess break. Most of us were tired due to a hectic day in school, including me. Then, came the staff peon near our class door. He had a notice with him. He came in and called out for me. I went to him and asked the reason for calling me. Then, the words that came out of his mouth shook me. He said that our headmistress was calling me to her office and she and the principal wanted to meet me. I got scared but I did not have a choice. So, I went along with him. In the headmistress' office, they were waiting for me. I went in and asked the headmistress if something was wrong. She said that I had won a scholarship for the exam I had given the previous academic year. Suddenly, my fright was converted into happiness which knew no bounds. Out of utter happiness, I went out of school. I met her. I told her about my achievement. She did not speak anything. Her eyes were glimmering with tears. She was happy. I asked her to say something, but she didn't. Then, she hugged me, kissed me on my forehead and said the words which still ring in my mind and bring happiness. She smiled, wiped her tears, and said: "I am proud of you."

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