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Learn To Live

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Since I came to life on earth, Learning these things quick was worth. From times immemorial to the present day, People face many kinds of dismay. Some have lost their love, And some want to fly like a dove. For the opportunities, some of them wait. To catch a big fish, they prepare their bait. Even after trying, some face the rejection. They are unaware that happiness lies in satisfaction. Some are afraid to go too far. As there was someone who left them a scar. Some have nobody to be near. In the crowd of many, these disappear. To move on in life, some of them try. They try to hide their pain when alone, they cry. Some are rich as a king or queen. But true love in their life is never seen. Some of them smoke, some of them drink. Such people live their lives on the brink. As it is difficult to go on and on in this life, Some people choose to slash veins with a knife. To all of those who have lost faith, I say, That God will open the gate someday. Some day you will see the spark, And the brightness will kill the dark. Some day you will learn to smile, As the sorrow lasts just for a while. To get the joy, you must first give, Trust me, you will, again, learn to live.

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