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Storms Within

The air, felt obnoxiously heavy,

Making it difficult to breathe

The wind: non-existent

The usual clear blue summer skies

Today turn wildly grey

I could feel a storm

building up somewhere.

There is surely one building up inside me.

Or probably it's just anxiety,

Crawling in once again.

My throat felt wired down with a barb

No breathing in, no breathing out

I want to speak, I need help

But I mouth in the words

And I just choke on them.

Funny how the nature,

Syncs with you at times.

It was awfully quiet,

Even without the winds

I could hear a whisper

Like someone saying-

"Don't you worry,

I'll vent it out for you honey/"

And then came the thunder

And then came the rain

Somehow the sky cleared out,

Somehow, I felt lighter again.

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