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The fight is on!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The fire is starting to burn out; It gets colder each day; The fuel to the flame might just run out; The breaths are being smothered all the way.

Hope is a big reason to continue with life; Which is regularly being sliced; Each blow that comes cuts like a knife; What went so wrong, to have this as the price.

The courage is crushed, the strength is squeezed, The dreams are burnt, and self-esteem, deceased.

Despite failing a million times, Trying to get better, to live up to expectations; Nothing seems to be enough, nothing is satisfactory;  'Try again' options are limited and 'Game over' could be arriving soon.

Dying each day and trying to come alive; The facade is too good to decipher; 'Nobody can know, you can handle this',   Recited by the mind every hour.

The mind gets all philosophical: 'Everyone has problems, and so do you', It says so putting in everything,

Each piece of bravery left in the soul.

It will get tired with the war; As all the wars have to end; The funny part about this battle is, There is nothing to win and stakes are high.

The victory could take the soul away, And a defeat could cost life; Uncertain about the end, the mind says, 'It is a new day and the fight is on!'

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