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Walking in a hoodie

Walking in a hoodie

All alone and lonely

Taking the darkness

Into the soul and breathe it out

Into the smoke of mist

That calms me down

To the very bottom

Of my consciousness

It feels like nobody sees me

It feels like nobody perceives me

It feels like nobody knows I am there

My body is somewhere, my mind, everywhere

The beats of the songs slowly push the gas

It changes the mind waves

It changes the vibe, the ambiance of the surrounding

Just passes through the wind, into the world

Going places one can only imagine

Doing things one can only dream of

That is the power it gives me

The one which helps me see

All the things that I can be

They say the visibility is the only proof for the belief

In that one moment, I am walking in the dark

On the streets of my dream city

Or in the snowclad moonlit hills

Or in the forests deep

That is the time I start loving the journey

The destination, not important anymore

The road doesn't have to be good anymore

The Walk that I am having in my mind

Is the walk of victory

The walk of energy

The walk of infinite continuity

On the streets of my mind

On the streets of my soul

On the streets of my fate

And that's what makes me whole!

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