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Was That Worth It?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Once, we were friends, really good friends. We used to be like brothers. We were always there for each other. Then, one day, he said that he loved a girl. He said that he could do anything for her. But, that girl could be his only in his dreams. She was too old for him and was a celebrity- an actress. I did not like her much but ignored what he felt. One day, in a playful mood, I teased him by saying that she was not good. He frowned like he always used to. And that day, he said that he no longer wanted my friendship. I thought that this was meant as a joke. I took it lightly. But then, he would not reply to my texts that day. The next day, I tried to talk to him. But, he ignored me completely and said that we were done. I still gave him time. I gave our friendship some time but to no avail. And then, due to that unknown celebrity, we became strangers. Now, when I look back, I feel like it was wrong. He loved her. She could never be his. But still, he left me for her. He was a guy who gave up a friend-for-life for someone he didn't even know.  I hate that actress from the bottom of my heart and the hatred will never reduce. Today, when I look back, I ask myself just one question, 'Was that worth it?'

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