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What do you want to be?

At 12 I wanted to be a doctor,

Everyone said I can be whoever I wanted to be,

Later, human anatomy didn't interest me anymore.

At 14 the stars called out to me

But someone told me not to dream so big,

Later, I settled for talking to computers instead.

At 16 I was experience my first love,

I wanted to grow up and be his wife,

Later, life took a different turn, for good.

At 18 I only wanted to get my engineering degree,

I dreamed to travel across the world,

Not sure how to, I started by focusing on college.

At 20, I wanted to be an adult,

Get a job and become independent.

Later, I did that for sure.

At 22, I was an engineer now,

I was independent, and had my friends

I stashed the dreams for sometime now.

At 24 I wanted to travel alone,

Start taking chances and find myself

Later, I guess I stopped being scared.

At 26, I travelled half way across the world,

I started checking off things on by bucket list

My life seems to have just started now

At 12 everyone told me,

I can be whoever I wanted to be,

At 26 I still want to be a lot of things,

But first I want to learn how be happy.

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