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Where Only Love Remained

Remember when you said

With your pacing breath,

As you kissed my forehead,

That you would love me, till death?

These memories escape slowly, to a new place,

Running away from all the pain,

A place where you would still kiss my face.

A place where only love remained.

Remember when you exclaimed,

While kissing my hand

Sitting on that spot as it rained,

That by my side you would always, stand?

Learned to those memories, shield

Soon did my heart, blood-stained,

Where every piece of us was healed,

In a place where only love remained.

Remember when you whispered,

With your feet buried in the sand

While kissing my lips, withered

That you'd hold me, till the end?

Sure did hide the essence away,

The lips that never forgot the taste of yours, in vain

In a place where hand in hand, we could still sway,

In a place where only love remained.

Remember when I broke down and cried,

As you slowly walked away

While all your promises died,

While, ruins stood there, on that day.

Still did my poor heart, hide away the feeling of your touch,

Holding it in a place, sans pain

Where I could still hold you beyond clutch,

In a place, where only our love remained.

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